Sunsets & Car Crashes

I don’t really get snapchat. Or what its really for. 

Other than teenagers taking nudes. I guess just silly pictures? 


I came across this amazing photo collection of a German Shepherd and a gray tabby cat. They seem to be inseparable. At the end, though, you’ll see they’re not exactly by themselves. Is there room for even more love and cuddles? I’m sure there is… ☺

By the way, I looked and looked for information on them to no avail. If you know who the photographer is, where these animals are located or their names, please let us know. Leave me a comment!


Garlic Parmesan Pretzel Knots
A Hufflepuff doing something slightly rebellious to impress their Gryffindor crush

I hate running but I might try it. If I do I’ll probably try to wake up around 6am on sundays (ugh) but at least not many people would see me then just get dressed and go on the trail. I’ll probably try to start with intervals and jogging and running. 

Or if I give up on running I could always just walk the distance. 

I love the weather, I really do however i would like to be able to breathe outside. With the constant changing weather, my asthma and allergies are starting to really act up.